June the 12th 2017.
www.ostmedaille-database.com launched.

June the 16th 2017.
***New additions***
OM110, OM127, OM138 and OM Posen added to the database.
Pouches for OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5, OM6, OM7, OM8, OM9, OM10 and OM11 added to the database.

June the 27th 2017
***New additions***
Added a Link/partners section to the page.
Pouches for OM13, OM14, OM15, OM18, OM19, OM20 and OM23 added to the database.

July the 17th 2017
***New additions***
Added a UNIDENTIFIED & VARIANTS section to the page.
Added a "Unidentified" OM variant and a "Feldgrau" variant to the UNIDENTIFIED & VARIANTS section.
Pouches for OM25, OM26, OM28, OM29, OM30, OM39, OM51, OM55, OM57 and OM60 added to the database.

August the 31st 2017
***New additions***
Added a "REPRODUCTION / FAKES" section with some dubious items.

October the 15th 2017
***New additions***
Moved the OM58 to the "REPRODUCTION / FAKES" section along with a OM65 pouch.
Pouches for OM61, OM63, OM65, OM66, OM71, OM76, OM77, OM84, OM85, OM88 and OM92 added to the database.

December the 7th 2017
***New additions***
Added two Spanish made variants to the "UNIDENTIFIED & VARIANTS" section.
Added a repro/fake pouch to the "REPRODUCTIONS & FAKES" section.
Pouches for OM93, OM98, OM100, OM107, OM108, OM109, OM110, OM127, OM138, OM Posen.